• image1 We can do a lot of small things with great love - and maybe it will become a big thing!
  • image2 Every person is valuable.
  • image3 One cannot look into the future but one can do something now so the future is worth living.

Support the first step!


In Switzerland, CHF 20 buys a lunch or 5 cups of coffee or our two favourite magazines from the shop.

In Cambodia, CHF 20 buys 2 children enough food for one month. The meals give the students enough energy to go to school. Food security is the first step to escape from poverty.

It is very easy to start your sponsorship. All you need to do is setup a money transfer order at your bank and transfer CHF 20 monthly to our account:

IBAN CH46 0900 0000 5044 4422 9 at PostFinance AG,
payable to Stiftung Eyes Open, Erlenweg 11, 3176 Neuenegg

All members of Eyes Open work on a pro bono basis. Our donors can rest assured that almost 100% of all funds donated flow directly to our projects in Cambodia. The biggest expenses, such as flights to Cambodia in order to visit our projects, are borne by each team member individually.

Support the first step for over 500 students. Because children who eat regularly, learn much better and create their own future.

Thank you very much.