• image1 We can do a lot of small things with great love - and maybe it will become a big thing!
  • image2 Every person is valuable.
  • image3 One cannot look into the future but one can do something now so the future is worth living.


Food Program

Eyes Open provides funding for over 500 pupils to receive a substantial balanced breakfast six times a week and a large lunch regularly.

Read more about our Food Program.


Bicycle Program

In October 2017 approximately 500 students are going to finish grade 6 and will have a much longer journey to school. Each bicycle costs $49.

More details about our Bicycle Program can be found here.


 Medical and Dental Program

Eyes open is currently financing the medical and dental care of the 130 pupils in Koh Ker.

Further information about the Medical and Dental Program.


We are working together with the Ponheary Ly Foundation (www.theplf.org) from Siem Reap, Cambodia, which helps 2400 children to go to school. Our decision to collaborate with this organisation is explained in this document.

Thank you very much for your support. We can change nothing without your help.