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  • With CHF 20 you finance 2 children to have enough food for one month.
  • With CHF 30 you buy 217 eggs (6% of the monthly requirements).
  • With CHF 49 you finance a bike, allowing one student easy access to senior classes.
  • With CHF 85 you buy 200 bunches of bananas. This fulfills the monthly requirements.
  • With CHF 120 one child gets enough food to eat for one year.
  • With CHF 150 you finance 429 cans of soymilk (63% of the monthly requirements).
  • With CHF 200 you buy 29 kg beef (64% of the monthly requirements).
  • With CHF 430 you pay the medical and dental care for 130 students for 2 months.
  • With CHF 500 you finance 602 kg vegetables (45% of the monthly requirements).

You can find out more information about our Food Program, Bicycle Program, Khnar Village Learning Center our Medical & Dental Program.

Sincere thanks for your donation.


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